The founding mission of COMMUNITY TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS (CTI) is a simple one: help non- English speaking families and communities to have access to different opportunities, by providing interpretation and translation services. COMMUNITY TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS (CTI)has valuable experience and teams of experts working with families and communities in all major industries, including retail, travel/hospitality, consumer products, life sciences, legal, finance, manufacturing, media, government, and advertising/marketing.


Interpretation services is the provision of spoken or signed language communication by a professional interpreter to convey a message from the language of the original speaker, into the language of the listener. It is a complex task. The interpreter has to select the right word instantly. There is no opportunity to edit; no margin for error. Whether a client requires simultaneous interpretation for large conferences or consecutive interpretation for depositions or meetings, that client has to have complete confidence on Interpreter’s skills. The interpreter should be able to integrate cultural differences into the art of interpretation.


Translation services are the transition of one piece of text into another language. During the translation process, someone with the knowledge of two languages takes the words and context of a part of the document and puts it into another language for new readers.