Face-to-Face Interpreting

CommunityTI offers face-to-face interpreting witch is one of the way to break down language barriers in situations where communication would contrarily not be possible. From courtrooms to business meetings and communities events, face-to-face interpreting is crucial to get the right message across between speakers and audiences of different languages.

CommunityTI offers different types of face-to-face interpreting that are better suited to certain situations than others, so choose the right service for your need:

Simultaneous interpreting
The interpreter is required to listen to the orator and translate their message to the target audience, in real time, as they speak. CommunityTI interpreters are able to keep up with the pace of the orator at all times and translate their messages with 100% accuracy.

Consecutive interpreting
Unlike simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting involves the speaker pausing at regular intervals (normally 1-5 minutes), allowing the interpreter to repeat what they say in the target language.

Whispered interpreting
Whispered interpreting is basically the same as simultaneous interpreting, where the interpreter translates messages from the orator, as they are talking. The difference is that they are sitting next to the person who needs to understand and whisper the translates the message into their ear. To use this approach your audience would have to have only one person.

Liaison interpreting
CommunityTI also offers liaison interpreting when there is a need to translate an entire conversation between languages. With liaison interpreting, CommunityTI will translate comments by every party involved in the conversation and this is important for more casual events.

Relay interpreting
If you need to translate a single message to multiple audiences from different language backgrounds, CommunityTI is here to support you. Your message will be passed on to a team of interpreters in the language spoken by all of them. Then, each team member translates the message into their own target language and relays them to each audience.

Based on your audience’s need and the best method of getting your message across CommunityTI will provide the best service for you. Contact us.